Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shining Armor, Part VI: Game Changer

7-27 YC114 2310

Interrogation Room
Ryven's Flagship
"Princess Shalee"
Revelation-class Dreadnaught

The man spoke through cracked lips, smoke still curling in wisps away from his tortured flesh. He looked a nightmare, blood and fluid from broken blisters and exposed muscle drained from his torso and limbs. His voice belied his pain.

"You were played. The man who gave you the intel, he wanted to get you away from Leela. He sent you out to do some of his dirty work while he and my boss took her unawares."

Ryven's blood ran cold.

"They captured her last night."

Ryven's face was a mask. Only his eyes told the truth of his fury. He spoke calmly and evenly, each word the tolling of a funeral bell. "The only words I better hear out of your mouth is her location."

"Ibura. Planet 2. Orbital platform."

Ryven nodded. He cranked the heat to maximum and left the room. The screaming still hadn't faded when he disembarked to board his stealth bomber and sped at best speed for the Ibura system.

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