Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Professional Help

4-16 YC 116

24th Imperial Crusade medical facility

Offices of Dr. Ezra Thomas


"Thank you for seeing me on short notice, Dr. Thomas." Leela used her most charming voice, which she felt was surprisingly convincing.  The good doctor really couldn't have refused her request, though he probably didn't know that.  "I know my request is a bit unusual."

If Dr. Thomas was in any way uncomfortable, he didn't show it.  His demeanor was one of a calm professional secure in his own environs.  Leela couldn't quite decide if he looked perpetually amused or perpetually disappointed, in a somewhat condescending way.  Perhaps that was the occupational hazard of being in a mental health specialist for possibly the most mentally disturbed population in the history of humankind.

"Ms. Yttria, you do realize that I can't discuss any details of a patient I may or may not have.  In addition to it being an abhorrent breach of ethics, it is quite illegal for me to turn over such information to an unauthorized person.  If the MIO were to show up, then I could certainly divulge to them.  You aren't an officer of the MIO are you?"  His expression made it clear that he already knew the answer to that question.  The MIO wouldn't be handing credentials out to a Sebiestor anytime this millenium.

"I don't suppose I could convince you that it's in the best interest of your patient?" Leela knew that was a throwaway, but figured it was as good a starting place as any.  Why use a stick when you have a carrot?

"I'd have to question just how you'd know what was in the best interest of my patient and why the patient couldn't make that determination for himself."  His tone was extremely condescending, which made Leela feel less guilty about her next move.

"Didn't you write in your notes from Ryven's sixth session that you felt it would probably be necessary to enlist the aid of those in his inner circle in order to accurately delineate the distinct boundaries of his individual personas?"  She was paraphrasing somewhat, but that was the gist of one of the conclusions the doctor had included in his notes.

Dr. Thomas's mouth fell open of its own accord, his face reddening. "You read my notes?  Those are extremely confidential!"

Leela shrugged with a 'so what' gesture.  "Can we just assume that I've read all of your notes up to this point and also add that I am in Ry's inner circle and have known him both before and after the experiments of Dr. Tobit?"

Dr. Thomas was still livid, but slowly the lines of rage began to smooth into reluctant acceptance.  Ryven's descriptions of Leela Yttria had apparently not been exaggerations on his part.  He could see why Mr. Krennel had been attracted to her.  She struck him as extremely confident in her own realms of expertise, and furthermore, she seemed legitimately concerned for Ryven's well-being, enough that there was an added hint of danger in her eyes.  She wouldn't use violence unless she had to.  However, if she had to, she would be capable of extreme violence.  What a strange set of circumstances that would put Leela and Ryven in the same social circles.  Complimentary to each other in many ways, but absolutely incompatible in others.  If I had another twenty years to explore this one's mind, I could retire an extremely wealthy man on the information she must have stored in that mind of hers.  Many would pay handsomely to keep their secrets in the shadows where they belong.  Finally, he spoke. "What do you want to know?"

 Leela smiled.  This was easier than she expected.  "I've figured out a way to get the evil Ryven out of that head of his.  I just need to know how to split the two personalities apart from each other so that the evil one can elect to utilize my method."

Dr. Thomas frowned deeply.  "Ms. Yttria, I don't want to disappoint you, as I am beginning to suspect that could have serious consequences in regards to my health."  Leela just nodded.  Dr. Thomas continued. "Separating the two personalities may not be possible without extreme long-term damage to Mr. Krennel's psyche."

Leela's expression hardened. "Explain."

Dr. Thomas sighed heavily.  "In many ways, they are two distinct psyches.  One is the twisted and tortured version of the original Ryven.  The other is the implanted personality that Dr. Tobit managed to create, seemingly ex nihilo.  This is not the complete picture."  He massaged the bridge of his nose, as if afflicted by a sudden headache.  "The two psyches share a host of common memories and traits.  They are not duplicated, but rather held in common.  Removing either one would deprive one of them of that core of data.  They would be incomplete, would know they were incomplete, and would be driven quite mad from a relentless process of searching in vain for whatever that missing piece might be.  Even if that wasn't of great concern to you, determining the boundaries between the two psyches would be problematic under the best of circumstances."

Leela's shoulders slumped.  "You're not telling me it's impossible are you?"

Dr. Thomas sighed and shook his head. "Impossible?  No.  But, it's damn near.  It's never been done, so far as I know.  I'll need some time to think on this."

Leela nodded, accepting the situation, though not happily.  "Fine."

"How will I get in touch with you?"

Leela stood up and walked over to the door, turning back to face him and smiling. "Don't worry.  I'll be watching you."  She walked out the door, letting it close behind her. 

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