Monday, October 21, 2013

Patient: Krennel, Ryven Session 6

Oct. 21 YC 115

24IC Medical Facility


Offices of Dr. Ezra Thomas

"Ah, Mr. Krennel!  Come in." Dr. Thomas greeted Ryven at the door to his office and beckoned for him to enter.  "You are punctual as always."

Ryven just nodded and walked over to the couch and sat, the amazing comfort of the supple leather lost on him in his anxiety.  "Alright, doc, what have you found out?"  Ryven was referring to the results from a sleep study he had done over the weekend.  Dr. Thomas had told him it could show what was happening to his brain.

Dr. Thomas closed the door behind Ryven and strode over to his chair, datapad in hand.  He took a seat, his legs crossing comfortably.  "Mr. Krennel, the results are about what I feared they would be."
He turned the datapad around, allowing Ryven to see, but it might as well have been a child's doodle for all Ryven understood of what he was looking at.  There were bright moving colors and patterns that looked to Ryven like a small electrical storm.  "You see, there are two of you in there."

Ryven scoffed. "What the fuck are you talking about, two of me?"

"I mean that these patterns are indicative of what we would expect of two brains laid over each simultaneously.  It's like there are literally two of you in there."

Ryven rolled his eyes. "Fucking Silas Tobit."

Dr. Thomas's eyes narrowed at the mention of Dr. Tobit. "How do you know Silas Tobit?"  Could this be Silas' handiwork?  He was crazy, wasn't he?  Surely he hadn't succeeded, well, partially.

"That's the part of this I was hoping we'd finally get to, doc.  The part where I was kidnapped and fucking reprogrammed by one of your  colleagues."

So it was true.  Interesting.  "I see.  Well, then you know better than most just how crazy Dr. Tobit was.  He was thoroughly disregarded by most of our community."

"Oh, there's no denying he was batshit.  But he was batshit like a fox." Ryven's face was deadpan.  "I'd say his theories were rather startlingly correct for the most part, wouldn't you, doc?"

Dr. Thomas had to grant that point.  But, if Dr. Tobit had applied his behavioral modification theory to this poor patient, it was backfiring now.  The host personality was fighting back.  At best, this would be a painful process for Mr. Krennel.  At worst, Ryven might have a full on psychotic break.  In a capsuleer, that would be a terrifying turn of events to say the very least.  With the pure destructive power available to someone like Mr. Krennel, an entire planet could be wiped out on a sheer act of whim, all because he simply felt like it that day.

"Mr. Krennel, I am beginning to have an understanding of what is happening here.  I would like very much to have a session very soon with Ms. Tzestu present.  Would that be alright for you?  Have you talked to her about it yet?"

Ryven nodded. "Yeah.  She seemed pretty interested.  I'll get back to you on when we can pull this off." 

Dr. Thomas smiled. "Excellent." Ms. Tzestu, whether she knows it or not, may very well be the key to saving him.  Dr. Thomas felt a chill, then, as the corollary became clear. Or dooming him.  He pulled himself together, cataloging the previous thoughts in the recesses of his brain.  When he finally spoke, he spoke calmly. "So, last time we left off with the death of Titus and your decision to become a capsuleer...."

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