Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gone to Ground

Leela lay reading, alone in a windowless chamber lit by a single lamp. She didn't know how long she was going to be confined here in her self-imposed exile. She suspected it was going to be too long. She simply had to stay and await the code phrase from Ryven to signal it was safe for her to return.

Stupid Ry. His love for Shalee had destroyed her former blissful existence and put her in this current state of miserable boredom and self-loathing. She had been happy with him. Every day she wondered if she had been wrong to leave him. Could she have managed to ignore his love for Shalee? She didn't think so. You can't ignore a constant rift in your marriage.

So, here she was, in hiding from the possible threat of Shalee's fiance or ex-fiance, because Ry's feelings for Shalee were apparently mutual. Leela's heart burned with a mixture of jealousy and sorrow. Everything had been so good...until it wasn't.

She wondered if Ry and Shalee were together right now. The image nagged at her, gnawing and chewing at her gut. They had to be, didn't they? She swore and threw her book at the blank wall, the novel bouncing and landing splayed, spine up, pages spread about a meter away. It seemed like it was glaring at her, mocking her. This was going to be a long exile.

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