Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, in standard fashion, I make a statement and then the universe decides to show me how full of shit I am.

My last OOC post remarked on the state of RP, and I made comments to the effect that Eve RP had passed its golden age. While I still feel this is true, I had no clue I was in for some the most intense and enjoyable RP I have so far ever had. Life is like that sometimes. So thanks go out to Tigerfish and Shalee for inadvertently teaching me that RP is alive and strong.

That brings me to the next thing. RP makes for a rich and rewarding game experience beyond just core gameplay. For me, it started as something to do when no fleets were up. I fumbled around with Ryven in casual RP discussions while writing this blog, trying to ascertain just who the hell he is. Somewhere along the way, he stopped being under my control. I no longer pen his fate. He does it and then I write about it. He gained life somewhere along the way. RP suddenly became a whole lot more.

So, now, I have this character that I sympathize with or am disgusted with or triumph with on a regular basis. Now I RP during fleets.

I think somewhere in the history of online gaming, RP got a bit of a "nerds among nerds" connotation, so a lot of folks aren't willing to give it a shot. I imagine none of them read this blog. But, if they happen upon it via google happenstance, give it a shot. It really grows on you.

To the eve RP community: thank you for being patient, friendly, and genuinely helpful. You guys make it easy to get into.

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