Sunday, March 18, 2012

Leela's Training

She sat there on his couch, legs crossed, eyes peering at him, a look of warmth that made him feel the love they had begun to share. Her capsuleer training was nearing completion, and she seemed transformed, once a small woman of twenty years, now a timeless being embodying untold destructive power. In a few weeks she would graduate, another capsuleer freely moving between the stars.
"Where will you go, Leela?" He asked, his blue eyes wreathed in the smoke from his pipe.
She looked confused.
"When you finish your training. I know you said you would stay with me, but now you are becoming something powerful. You will be free to go anywhere without fear. I cannot hold you to your promise."
She smiled. "You haven't had a lot of trust in your life, have you?"
He shook his head and sighed.
She nodded and gave him a sympathetic look. "I told you I would stay with you, and I meant it. You saved me from my father. You took me into your care. And I fell for you."
He frowned. "But my path means fighting your people."
She smiled, only a trace of sadness in her eyes. "You are my people now."

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